Healthy adult volunteers needed for blood transfusion research study

Institute for Transformative Molecular Medicine (ITMM), Case Western Reserve University, University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center

Eligible participants: Adults 18-35 years old, no pre-existing diseases

Participants will be asked to donate one unit of blood, then receive their blood back three weeks later while breathing an experimental drug (ethyl nitrite) designed to improve outcomes of blood transfusion.

There will be 4 study visits:

  1. Initial health screen
  2. Blood donation
  3. Second health screen
  4. Blood transfusion, ethyl nitrite administration over 24-hour visit

Study procedures involve blood sampling, placement of IV line and arterial catheter. Financial compensation is provided.

For more information, contact: Dr. Arshna Qureshi 216.368.6824 (office), 216.801.7839 (cell), email or University Hospitals Research Coordinator Core at 1.833.78TRIAL (1.833.788.7425). Reference: STUDY 20181239.