“Healthcare Delivery In America: Its Weaknesses and How to Make It Better”

Healthcare in America is an unmortared mosaic of services and funding sources. We are the only developed country without a mandatory system and our aggregate costs absorb 18% of our GDP and is as much as double what other countries are spending. Insurance plays a big role as a source of payment and dysfunction. 

Case Western Reserve University School of Law will host a lecture titled “Healthcare Delivery In America: Its Weaknesses and How to Make It Better” Wednesday, Oct. 11, from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. in the Moot Courtroom (A59).

The lecture will provide an overview of all programs that regulate and fund healthcare, ranging from Medicare to Obamacare and private insurance and all the sources of delivery of services, from hospitals to community health centers. Variations in state programs—ranging from Mississippi to Massachusetts—will be considered. The United States’ system will be compared to variations on mandated and universal systems deployed in other countries, including the UK, Canada and Israel. Participants explore the question of whether healthcare is a primary right or an entitlement. Additionally, attendees will learn about the prospects for improvement including eight incremental changes.

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