Health Education Seminars: “From Genesis to 1846: The O’Regional Story of Anesthesia”

Learn how your body works and how new medical breakthroughs may affect you with Health Education Seminars (formerly known as Mini Med School) taught by School of Medicine faculty experts. A background in math or science is not necessary.

There will be five events in the series, beginning with a presentation titled “From Genesis to 1846: The O’Regional Story of Anesthesia” Oct. 7. Mark Goldfinger, assistant professor of anesthesiology and perioperative medicine, will present.

Other events in the series are:

  • Oct. 14—“The Team Physician: Updates And Medical Advances In Professional Football” by James Voos, associate professor of orthopaedics
  • Oct. 21—“Painful Deformities of the Forefoot: Bunions and Toe Deformities: What Can Be Done to Help?” by Randy Marcus, the Charles H. Herndon Professor and Chair (emeritus) in orthopaedic surgery
  • Oct. 28—“E-Cigarettes And Vaping: Facts And Fiction” by Erika Trapl, associate professor of population and quantitative health sciences
  • Nov. 4: “The Microbiome Living In And On Our Bodies: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly” by Mahmound Ghannoum, professor of dermatology

Each event in the series will be held from 6 to 8:30 p.m. at the Landmark Centre Building (25700 Science Park Dr.). The Siegal Lifelong Learning Program will offer the series.

Learn more about and register for the series.