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The Hartwell Foundation again selects CWRU as one of nation’s Top 10 Centers for Biomedical Research

The Hartwell Foundation, a Memphis-based philanthropic institution that funds innovative biomedical research to benefit children of the United States, has again selected Case Western Reserve University among its 2017 Top 10 Centers of Biomedical Research.

The other 2017 Hartwell Top 10 Research Centers include: Cornell University, Duke University, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Johns Hopkins University, University of California, Davis, University of California, San Diego, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, University of Virginia and University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Each Top Ten Center may nominate up to three individuals for a Hartwell Individual Biomedical Research Award.

Case Western Reserve was also selected in 2016.

Institutions participating in The Hartwell process agree to nominate their best researchers based on an open and competitive application process. From all proposals submitted by participating institutions, The Hartwell Foundation will choose at least 10 individuals to receive an award, which provides research support for three years at $100,000 direct cost per year.

“In addition to the honor of being identified with such an elite group of research universities, the national designation allows us to submit three nominees next year instead of two, so we will have a greater chance to obtain funding,” said Lynn Singer, deputy provost and vice president for academic affairs.

In addition, by participating in the 2017 competition Case Western Reserve will be positioned to qualify for a Hartwell postdoctoral fellowship. For each CWRU nominee selected for a 2017 Individual Biomedical Research Award, the university will receive funding for one postdoctoral candidate of its choice in biomedical science that exemplifies the values of The Hartwell Foundation.

Hartwell Fellowships offer support for two years at $50,000 direct cost per year to support scientists in the early stage of their research career by enabling them to pursue further specialized training as part of their professional development.

In selecting each research center of excellence, The Hartwell Foundation takes into account the shared values the institution has with the Foundation, relating to children’s health, the presence of an associated medical school and biomedical engineering program and the quality and scope of ongoing biomedical research.

The Foundation also considers the institutional commitment to support collaboration, provide encouragement, and extend technical support to the investigator, especially as related to translational approaches and technology transfer that could promote rapid clinical application of research results. An institution’s selection for participation in any given year does not guarantee selection in a subsequent year.

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This article was originally published April 25, 2017.