Guess Where goes abroad, to…

CWRU study abroad photo contest entryIn this week’s “Guess Where?” photo contest, The Daily went international, featuring a picture (above) from the 2013 study abroad photo contest.

Though many guessed the country correctly—China—others pegged it for a variety of Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand or Laos.

When submitting the winning photo of Guangxi Province in China, Jinny Ye explained: “Bamboo rafting down the majestic Li River provides one of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of Yangshuo County. Yanghuo County and the rest of Guilin is known for their picture perfect and unique, rounded mountains. This photo shows the wondrous backdrop for not only a ride my friends and I took but also of the local people’s imagination as they described the animal shapes some of the mountains had.”

Submissions for the annual study abroad contest are being accepted. Learn more about it on the Education Abroad website.