Grow a strong and healthy work group

Work groups of all sizes are invited to participate in the Healthy Department Toolkit program to build a more connected campus.

The Healthy Department Toolkit is packed with ideas for making work groups more cohesive, successful and healthy. Over the fall semester, work groups will be encouraged to support each other to eat better, lower stress and become closer to one another.

Areas of focus include:

  • Engaged work community;
  • Healthy eating at work;
  • Positive communication with team and manager;
  • Fitting in fitness;
  • Mental well-being; and
  • CWRU Wellness Program Participation.

Access the Healthy Department Toolkit on the wellness website. Hard copies also are available.

Those interested in participating can sign up through the registration form or by emailing Mary Ann Dobbins at with the names and email addresses of the team captain and those on the team. Teams should have at least five people and at least one supervisor included; the supervisor does not need to be the team captain.

In addition to regularly offered wellness programs, registered groups will have access to special activities.

Groups that implement at least one healthy department activity in each area by Nov. 30 will be given the Healthy Department designation, which includes window clings for office doors. Additionally, all successful groups will be offered team prizes like free lunch on campus.

Registration closes Sept. 16.