Photo compilation of images of Emalyn Delgado Rosario, (Natalie) Nuttanit Pramounmat and (Saba) Syeda Nur-E Saba

Great Lakes Energy Institute names ThinkEnergy Fellows recipients

The Great Lakes Energy Institute at Case Western Reserve University recently announced the distinguished ThinkEnergy Fellows for the 2020-21 cohort. These students have been selected based on their dedication to their research and enthusiastic participation in their respective fields of interest in the energy sector. The sponsors of these fellowships are dedicated champions of institute and student research and entrepreneurship in energy.

Walt and Sylvia Culver Distinguished Fellow

Photo of Emalyn Delgado Rosario

Emalyn Delgado Rosario

Emalyn Delgado Rosario is a third-year PhD student from Puerto Rico majoring in chemistry.  She is interested in learning about entrepreneurship opportunities in the battery industry and especially in battery electrolytes and solutions for improving the safety of lithium ion batteries. She does research on safer materials for lithium ion batteries in John D. Protasiewicz’s research group. 

Peter Ranney Distinguished Fellow

Photo of (Natalie) Nuttanit Pramounmat

(Natalie) Nuttanit Pramounmat 

(Natalie) Nuttanit Pramounmat is a fourth-year PhD student from Thailand majoring in chemical engineering working in Julie Renner’s laboratory. Through the Electrochemical Society’s Toyota Young Investigator Fellowship, she worked with Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America Inc. in her first two years of her doctoral program to support the development of clean hydrogen fuel production. Her experience in hydrogen technology encouraged her to focus on clean energy systems.  

Sheldon and Judy Greene Distinguished Fellow

Photo of (Saba) Syeda Nur-E Saba

(Saba) Syeda Nur-E Saba

(Saba) Syeda Nur-E Saba is a second-year master’s student from Bangladesh majoring in physics innovation and entrepreneurship. She wants to use green energy technologies for underserved countries and improve their socio-economic status. Currently, she is working as an intern in a solar installment company, “Roll-a-Rack.”  She is part of the WISER professional career development mentor-mentee group.