Graduate students: Grow your leadership skills through NURS 615: Topical Seminar in Health Science course

Join the conversation and leadership experience at Case Western Reserve University in NURS 615 Topical Seminar in Health Science. Open to all health sciences students, this seminar course is designed to provide in-depth knowledge of research issues pertaining to leadership.

An in-depth examination of selected theoretical and methodological approaches to the development of research related to human science will be emphasized.

Interrelationships among theory, research, and knowledge from nursing and related disciplines will be explored. These include:

  • Relationship-based leadership theories applied to nursing and health care
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Servant Leadership
  • Authentic Leadership
  • Resonant Leadership
  • Special emphasis on new models including Authentic Nurse Leadership and Human Centered Leadership
  • Attention to the linkages between leadership and patient and health system outcomes

Guest speakers include national experts in health science research and practice. This PhD-level course is open to non-degree graduate students.