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Global Symposium on Janus Particles

Members of the Case Western Reserve University community are invited to participate in the inaugural Global Symposium on Janus Particles (GSJP) Oct. 1 – 2.

Janus particles, named after the Roman god, are double-faced particles with faces of different chemistry and polarity. This duality gives interesting chemical and physical properties to these particles. Thus, recent years have experienced growing interest in employing Janus particles in different high-end applications including but not limited to drug-delivery, energy storage, bio-sensing, and emulsion stabilizing. GSJP will bring together a collection of experts who are in the vanguard of scientific and engineering investigations on Janus particles all around the globe. This assembly of world-class experts is expected to open doors for new research directions that will pave the way toward advancing investigations on this new, interesting and important class of materials.

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