Get “Fit for Life” with new 121 Fitness programs

Faculty and staff members are encouraged to “Get Fit for Life” with 121 Fitness.

Participants can choose from two 12-week program tiers with individual instruction, focusing on exercise or nutrition. Discounted personal training or nutrition counseling also can be added. There also is a new program option of a 12-week Nutrition Seminar Series.

The tiers are:

  • Get Fit with Exercise: 12 weeks with a personal trainer and many program amenities. 121 members pay $26/week. Non-members pay $31/week.
  • Get Fit with Nutrition: 12 weeks with a registered dietician and many program amenities. 121 members pay $26/week. Non-members pay $31/week.
  • Get Fit Together: 12-week nutrition lectures, demonstrations and discussions held on Tuesdays at noon that use nutrition basics to apply advanced, relevant concepts to help create new and useful skills for a healthy lifestyle. This program costs $30.

Through participation in 121 Fitness’ “Get Fit For Life” program, Case Western Reserve University employees can earn the 2014 Wellness Program $100 financial incentives for both physical activity and weight management and nutrition.

To be eligible, one must be a Case Western Reserve University benefits-eligible employee and meet the wellness program rules and regulations.

Also, CWRU and University Hospitals deduction plans are available.

Email for more information.