A Case Western Reserve University professional development instructor teaches a class

Get career advice and training resources through the Professional Development Center

This semester, Case Western Reserve University’s Professional Development Center (PDC) is offering several resources that are available to university staff members free of charge. In January, the center launched a new Supervisor Training Program, which offers support to those who have supervised for years, were recently hired or promoted supervisors, and those who aspire to supervise one day. 

The PDC aims to provide Case Western Reserve University employees with comprehensive, high-quality learning and development resources that advance the performance of the individual and the university. Staff members who complete at least 10 training sessions are eligible to earn a certificate. All of the curriculum offerings can be found on PDC’s website

Are you more interested in one-on-one support for things like updating your resume, writing a cover letter, navigating the resources available to you on campus, or receiving some customized training recommendations? Career development consultations provide the university staff members with one-on-one support in their professional development journey. Learn more about career development consultations and sign up for a 30-minute meeting

Check out additional resources available on PDC’s website to find support in several areas, including communication, hybrid work strategies, managing conflict, and giving feedback.

If you are looking for quick tips and tricks or just to stay in touch with the PDC, follow its Instagram page or email askhr@case.edu.