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Get career advice and training resources through the Professional Development Center

Case Western Reserve University’s Professional Development Center (PDC) aims to provide Case Western Reserve University employees with comprehensive, high-quality learning and development resources that advance the performance of the individual and the university.

By now, you may be aware that the center offers one-on-one career development support, but what does that mean? The career development manager at PDC provides university staff members with the following services in their professional development journey:

  • Resume review
  • Cover letter writing
  • Interview preparations or mock interviews
  • Talking through career options
  • Preparing for difficult conversations with supervisors or colleagues
  • Relationship-building strategies
  • How to make the most out of performance review forms and meetings
  • Personalized training recommendations
  • Recommendations for self-guided team-building strategies
  • Career planning
  • Identifying, understanding and explaining your transferable skills
  • How to highlight unique experiences on a resume or in your current work
  • Understanding job descriptions and the application process
  • Zoom etiquette for meetings, interviews, etc.
  • Strategies for productivity, time management and collaboration

Interested in one of the categories above or have something else in mind? Sign up for a 30-minute meeting to discuss your ideas, decide what may be possible or where you can go, and navigate all of the resources available on campus.

You can also access Monthly Training Highlight section and browse all resources available. Each month, the PDC takes one hard skill and one soft skill and recommends five to seven training sessions in each category. The featured hard skill for the month of April is Microsoft Word and the featured soft skill is giving feedback.

If you are looking for quick tips and tricks or just to stay in touch with the PDC, follow its Instagram page or email