Future Faculty Friday Journal Club

The University Center for Innovation in Teaching and Education will host a Future Faculty Friday Journal Club session for doctoral students and postdocs Friday, Nov. 10, from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the Herrick Room of the Allen Memorial Medical Library.

The topic of this session will be classroom assessment techniques (CATs), with a focus on short, low-stakes activities that give students a voice in class, while at the same time providing instructors with feedback about what students are learning.

The assessment of student learning does not necessarily have to take the form of an exam, paper or problem set for homework. Rather, it can be done in the classroom, during classroom time. 

CATs such as the minute paper and the one-sentence summary are useful ways to check for student understanding, and to help them make connections between prior and new knowledge. They also have a benefit for the instructor because they provide instant information about what students have grasped (or not) during the class. 

Attendees will discuss “Classroom Assessment Techniques: A Critical Component for Effective Instruction,” a 2020 article by Jana Hanson and Megan Florestano.

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