Friday’s Public Affairs Discussion Group to address international aid, health

From AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa to insufficient access to vaccinations in Haiti, international governmental and non-governmental organizations work to improve health both for its own sake and to aid to all other aspects of development.

In Friday’s Public Affairs Discussion Group, Bill Goldman, a retired foreign service officer with USAID, will lead a talk focusing on the U.S. government’s activities through international development assistance in public health and USAID. Topics up for discussion include the scope of assistance, political challenges, the impact of public health aid, and the future of assistance. Goldman graduated from CWRU in 1967, worked as a foreign service officer for 25 years and then continued work with private organizations.

The discussion will take place Friday, March 29, from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. in the Dampeer Room of the Kelvin Smith Library.

Since 1989, faculty, emeriti, students and staff have gathered on Fridays for a brown-bag lunch and to discuss topics in public affairs.

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