Freedman Fellows Forum

Explore the potential of research with Kelvin Smith Library’s digital scholarship tools at a Freedman Fellows Forum Thursday, April 4, from 2 to 4 p.m. at Kelvin Smith Library, Freedman Center for Digital Scholarship.

Attendees will learn about research being conducted by faculty and student Freedman Fellows in the fields of social welfare, medicine, organizational behavior and more.

The following Freedman Faculty Fellows will present:

  • Paul Iversen, associate professor and chair in the Department of Classics and director of Undergraduate Studies;
  • Misty Luminais and Rachel Lovell, senior research associates at the Begun Center for Violence Prevention Education and Research; and
  • Andrew P. Reimer, assistant professor of nursing.

The following Freedman Student Fellows will present:

  • Teyoni Blain, graduate student in bioethics and medical humanities;
  • Leah Davydov, graduate student in English literature;
  • Tyrone Hamler, graduate student in social welfare;
  • Asha Ravichandran, undergraduate student in classics and pre-med; and
  • Stormy Sweitzer, graduate student in organizational behavior.

Register for the event through the Kelvin Smith Library CampusGroups page.