Photo of Brittan and Fred DiSanto

Fred, Brittan DiSanto commit $12 million to support Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Building, Adelbert Gym renovation

Gifts from alumnus, Board of Trustees Chair and his wife demonstrate ongoing dedication to advancing Case Western Reserve and greater Cleveland communities

Fred DiSanto, an undergraduate at Case Western Reserve University in the 1980s, achieved athletic records that remain unbroken to this day. 

Currently serving as the chair of the university’s Board of Trustees, DiSanto, together with his wife Brittan, is contributing to two significant projects that mark historic moments.

The couple recently made a generous commitment of $12 million to their alma mater. Of this amount, $7 million will be dedicated to the construction of the new Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Building (ISEB), while $5 million will be allocated to the renovation of Adelbert Gymnasium, the second-oldest operational structure on campus.

Expressing their deep personal connection to both projects, Fred DiSanto stated, “The ISEB is crucial for the university’s ability to drive discovery and contribute to our region’s economy. Simultaneously, Adelbert Gym plays a critical role in ensuring that all students can engage in activities that promote physical fitness and cultivate new skills.”

Community holds great importance for Fred and Brittan, as they recognize the significant impact it has on individuals and the broader society. Together they believe that a strong and supportive community is essential for personal growth, collaboration, and the overall well-being of its members. 

Through commitment to Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland community, DiSanto demonstrates his dedication to fostering a thriving environment where education, innovation, and athletic opportunities can flourish. He understands the value of giving back and actively works to strengthen the bonds that connect individuals and organizations, ensuring a brighter future for all.

During his role as the incoming chair of the board in 2020, DiSanto led the search for a new president, which resulted in the appointment of Eric W. Kaler. Kaler, known for his remarkable research achievements and his consistent efforts to enhance research initiatives in his previous academic leadership positions, initiated his tenure at CWRU by swiftly identifying inadequate space and outdated facilities as major obstacles hindering the university’s progress in discovery and innovation. He promptly engaged with the trustees to address these fundamental infrastructure challenges.

“Eric’s swift identification of urgent issues, coupled with his recommended solutions, impressed and motivated the board,” DiSanto remarked. “Brittan and I consider our investment in the building as a wise contribution to the future of a university that holds great significance for us and the wider Cleveland community.”

Fred DiSanto remains the sole CWRU athlete to have earned four letters each in football, basketball, and baseball. He was also a two-time All-American and led the Spartans to an undefeated season as quarterback during his senior year. Currently, as the Chairman and CEO of Ancora, he frequently attributes his professional success to his competitive spirit.

“Athletics imparts lessons that shape individuals’ future paths, regardless of their specific careers,” he explained. “Qualities such as perseverance, patience, trust, and collaboration all play crucial roles in business—and often extend to our personal lives as well. We are delighted to support future students’ utilization of Adelbert Gym.”

Adelbert Gymnasium, which was completed in 1888 and expanded approximately 40 years later, now primarily serves as a facility for intramural and club sports, along with other recreational activities. It stands just six years younger than Adelbert Hall, which houses the President’s and Provost’s offices, as well as other central administrative functions.

The university is continuing to raise funds for both projects; for more information, please visit