“Fortune Bag (복주머니)”

The Office of Multicultural Affairs will host a unique and enriching experience at the “Fortune Bag (복주머니)” event, during which artistry will meet tradition in the heart of Graduate Student Appreciation Week. 

“Fortune Bag (복주머니)” is a workshop for students to dive deep into the world of luck and fortune across cultures. Participants will have the opportunity to decorate their very own 복주머니 (bokjumeoni), a traditional Korean fortune bag, and paint rocks with symbols of luck and positivity from around the globe. The activity will be accompanied by a presentation on various symbols of fortune from different cultures.

This experience is designed to ignite students’ creativity, provide relaxation and expand their understanding of cultural expressions of luck.

A selection of Korean snacks and beverages will be provided.

This event will be held Wednesday, April 10, from 1 to 2:15 p.m. in Sears Library Building, Room 409.

Register to attend.