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Former faculty member Jeffery L. Blumer passes away

Jeffery L. Blumer, a former professor of pediatrics and pharmacology, passed away Oct. 21.

Blumer, who came to Case Western Reserve University in the 1970s, originally worked in the pharmacology realm, but as he worked toward a better understanding of kinetics and dynamics as unique in children and babies, he went on to study pediatrics.

His research involved studying drugs in both children and adult, and he lobbied for the Best Pharmaceuticals for Children’s Act in the 1990s to push for all newly developed drugs to be tested in infants and children.

At Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital, Blumer became the medical director of the PICU and became a leader in pediatric critical care.

Throughout his career, he authored hundreds of peer-reviewed articles and textbook chapters, in addition to presenting internationally.