Flora Stone Mather Center for Women launches new journal

The Flora Stone Mather Center for Women recently launched the Journal for Women and Gender Centers in Higher Education and the first issue is now available online. This journal features work on women and gender centers from scholar-practitioners on college campuses across the country.

The first issue features a history of Case Western Reserve University’s own Mather Center, in honor of the upcoming 20th anniversary, a research article on the commonalities and differences among women and gender centers at R1 land-grant colleges, and a description and evaluation of an innovative sexual violence prevention campaign piloted by another university. The issue also includes a welcome letter from Angela Clark-Taylor, editor-in-chief and Mather Center director. Clark-Taylor’s letter describes the evolution of women and gender centers and their importance to college campuses, as well as the significance of showcasing this research.

The journal is fully open access.

The Mather Center also is soliciting submissions for the next issue; visit the journal’s page on the Scholarly Commons for more information.

Those who are interested in a print copy, can reach out to Hannah Regan at hxr@case.edu.