Flora Stone Mather Center for Women announces opening of nursing, lactation room

The Flora Stone Mather Center for Women is pleased to announce the opening of a nursing and lactation room inside its new suite in the Tinkham Veale University Center.

This space is equipped with a nursing glider and ottoman, a Herman Miller desk chair, a refrigerator and freezer for storing expressed breastmilk, a changing table, and a pack and play.

The center is grateful to Medela for its generous donation of a brand new hospital-grade Medela Symphony pump that nursing moms are free to use (you must bring your own pump parts and accessories*). In addition to these amenities, we are able to offer a computer for nursing moms who bring their hands-free pumping bra and want to peruse the Internet while pumping.

For those moms who want to use the lactation room on a regular basis, we invite you to post a picture of your nursing child or children on the tackboard behind the desk. As of now our lactation room is fully stocked with breastmilk storage bags, Medela quick clean wipes for your pump parts, diapers and wipes for your baby, books on pregnancy, breastfeeding, baby care and parenting, toys, books, crayons and a chalkboard for your little ones.**

* The Medela Symphony pump requires the following Medela parts: two breastshields, two breastshield connectors, two yellow valves, and two white membranes. The CFW supplies two membrane caps, two protective membranes and two tubes. However, some moms prefer not to share those components and bring their own membrane caps, protective membranes and tubing. You may purchase a full kit here.

**Please note that the Center and Center staff are not licensed to care for children and thus children must remain in the care of their parent/guardian at all times when in the Center for Women space.