Flexible Spending Account grace period allows participants to use up balance

The Department of Human Resources would like to remind Flexible Spending Account (FSA) participants about the grace period that allows you extra time to incur expenses against any remaining FSA balance from 2011. You have until March 15 to incur expenses for reimbursement from your 2011 FSA.

You must submit a paper claim form to receive reimbursement from your 2011 FSA for expenses incurred during the grace period. All paper claims submitted for services provided during the grace period will be processed first against any balance remaining for 2011; if your claims exceed the available funds from the previous plan year, the excess will be applied then to your 2012 health care FSA election.

FSA debit card transactions made during the grace period are applied to your 2012 FSA election. You must submit a paper claim form to use remaining funds in your 2011 FSA account.