Five presentations fill law and bioethics professor Sharona Hoffman’s schedule

Sharona Hoffman, professor of law and bioethics, recently was featured in five conferences and webinars.

The first, held May 29, was the American Health Lawyers Association webinar, titled “Public Health Reporting Through a Health Information Exchange.” Next, she spoke at the Health Law Professors Conference in Tempe, Ariz., June 8 and 9 on “Balancing Privacy, Autonomy, and Scientific Needs in Electronic Health Records Research” and “Health Information Technologists.”

At Emory University Center for Ethics on June 15, Hoffman spoke on “Ethics of Community: Cooperation, Compromise, and Regulation.” Her presentation was part of the Consensus Conference on the Ethics of the Drug Shortage. Finally, she spoke on the Public Health Law webinar June 21, with a talk titled “Electronic Health Records.”

In addition, an article she wrote with Andy Podgurski was invited for publication in the St. Louis University Journal of Health Law & Policy. Their article is titled “Drug-Drug Interaction Alerts: Emphasizing the Evidence.”