First-year student Justine Boyle passes away

Case Western Reserve today is mourning the loss of Justine Boyle, a first-year student who passed away off campus early Tuesday. She was 18.

Boyle had just returned from a spring break trip to Greece that was part of the Classics course “Athens: In Search of Socrates.”

She was one of 13 students who visited places such as the Acropolis and the National Archeological Museum to learn about Classical Athens and one of its most renowned philosophers.

“She seemed so promising and so interested and so earnest,” said Classics professor and chair Paul Iverson, who had been so impressed that he awarded her a $1,000 scholarship for the trip.

Boyle came to Case Western Reserve from Dallastown, Pennsylvania, a borough of just more than 4,000 residents about a 40-minute drive south of Harrisburg.

She had arrived interested in exploring English as the focus of her studies. While she continued to take English courses, Classics became her major by this semester. Her classes included study of the Aneid and elementary Greek, along with the spring break course. As part of the trip, Professor Mark Hammond said, she presented a strong report on the Hegeso stele, a memorial stone slab dating back to at least 400 years B.C.

An honors student at her high school, Boyle also participated in speech and debate. She was one of five children in her family, all daughters whose first names begin with “J.” Part of a musical family—as just one example, her mother serves a church music director—Justine also played the saxophone growing up.

The university will provide updates on any memorial services or other events planned.

Meanwhile, students who would like support during this difficult time are encouraged to contact counseling services at 216.368.5872. This line is staffed by a counselor 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Alternatively, students can stop by Sears 220 during weekday business hours to meet with a counselor in person.