Find out more about energy options during EnergyTech Conference, on campus May 21-23

Want to find out if the energy system in your house, office, school or community is the “right” one? Or ask international experts questions about fracking, wind and solar energy, or even insulating your house?

Attend the third annual Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) EnergyTech Conference, held on the campus of Case Western Reserve University May 21-23.

The conference offers presentations from members of academia, government and industry on advances in energy systems concepts and electrical energy technology, including generation, control, transmission, storage and efficient use. Deliberately broad, this forum is an opportunity to view energy issues across the spectrum. Participants will include experts in energy fields, as well as attendees desiring to bring themselves up to date with the current frontiers and emerging promises in power and energy.

May 21 will feature four tutorials about energy systems and grid technologies. The following two days will be packed with information in an attempt to answer the major questions surrounding green energy.

The event will be co-sponsored by INCOSE (International Council on Systems Engineering), through support by the INCOSE Power and Energy Working Group. The collaboration with INCOSE will provide insight on applying comprehensive “systems” methods and practices to the full scope of energy systems alternatives and advanced developments.

For registration and more information about the full program, visit