Overhead view of two students working at a computer in the library

Find out how you can make the switch to Canvas

Maybe you’ve been busy this semester. Maybe you don’t use a learning management system (LMS) to teach your courses. Maybe you haven’t seen anything about the transition to a new LMS. Maybe you have already switched. Whatever your situation, University Technology’s Teaching + Learning Technologies team wants to make sure that you feel ready, supported and comfortable with Canvas.

Since November 2016, the team has been busy hosting trainings and getting the word out about the transition from Blackboard to Canvas. Now that summer is approaching, many faculty members will be away from Case Western Reserve until fall 2017, when Canvas will be the only LMS on campus.

Before you leave for the summer, check out training at case.edu/utech/canvas. Faculty can get assistance in setting up their course in Canvas or ask questions about the new LMS.

For help or more information, email canvashelp@case.edu.