Final reminder: 2020 benelect open enrollment ends this Saturday, Nov. 30

The Department of Human Resources is reminding faculty and staff that the 2020 benelect open enrollment period will end this Saturday, Nov. 30. 

This is the last week that employees can make changes for the 2020 calendar year. Visit the 2020 Benelect Open Enrollment website for complete information.

New tool and educational videos available this year

The Health Plan Decision Tool was developed by J.B. Silvers, a nationally recognized health care expert on faculty at the Weatherhead School of Management. This tool can be used to estimate the costs of each health insurance plan offered by the university. This is another means to assist faculty and staff as they review their options, allowing them to make informed decisions regarding the health insurance plan that is right for their individual needs. Access the Health Plan Decision Tool. 

Also available are a series of educational videos designed to help faculty and staff make the best health care choices during this open enrollment period. View “We’ve Got You Covered” videos.

Dependent verification

Employees planning to add new dependents to their benefits for the 2020 calendar year must first provide appropriate dependent verification to Benefits Administration. Providing dependent verification prompts Benefits Administration to add an employee’s dependents to HCM, allowing them to select those dependents when using the open enrollment system. Employees will be unable to add new dependents to their benefits until they submit the required dependent verification. A list of acceptable dependent verification documents can be found by accessing dependent verification documentation information. Documents should be submitted to the HR Service Center located in Room 320 of Crawford Hall or via a Box account. Employees wishing to use Box may contact the HR Service Center at 216.368.6964 for additional instructions. Include the dependent’s date of birth and social security number with your submission. As a reminder, documentation containing social security numbers or other sensitive data should never be sent via email.

For any additional questions, email or call the HR Service Center at 216.368.6964.