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Film showing: Manry at Sea: In the Wake of a Dream (2018)

The CWRU Film Society will host showings of Manry at Sea: In the Wake of a Dream (2018) Saturday, Oct. 1, at 7 p.m. and 9:15 p.m. in Strosacker Auditorium.

Members of the Case Western Reserve University community and the general public can purchase tickets, which are available on CampusGroups.


In 1965, Robert Manry was a typical middle-aged suburbanite in Cleveland. However, his colleagues at The Plain Dealer newspaper were shocked to learn he had just set sail on a solo voyage across the Atlantic in his 13.5-ft. sloop, Tinkerbelle. By the time his 78-day odyssey ended in England, Manry was the target of a wild journalistic arms race, the guest of honor to a welcoming committee of 20,000 Britons, and a hero to his countrymen—and to dreamers everywhere.