Film by art history’s Jenifer Neils and students selected for international film festival

A film by Jenifer Neils, the Ruth Coulter Heede Professor of Art History, was selected for screening at the XXIII International Festival of Archaeological Film.

Neils’ film, The Parthenon Project, is an educational film in which art history majors at Case Western Reserve re-created the Parthenon Frieze to prove Neils’ argument that the 12 Olympian gods who are depicted should be viewed as sitting in a s

Jenifer Neils
Jenifer Neils, the Elsie B. Smith Professor in the Liberal Arts in the Department of Classics

emicircle—a radical notion because such a seating plan was unprecedented in ancient Greek art.

The film was a student-driven project involving research, script-writing, live interviews, costuming, staging, music, and filming at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

The festival, which took place in Rovereto, Italy, at the beginning of October, was open to films in the fields of archaeological, historical, palethnological and anthropological research and to documentaries aimed at preserving and valuing the cultural heritage.