“Feed Your Brain” with one-hour workshop with a functional nutrition registered dietitian


Feed Your Brain
Saturday, December 1st | 2:30-3:30pm, or
Wednesday, December 5th | 1:00-2:00pm | $30.00

Are you experiencing limited clarity or brain fog, or feeling extra forgetful lately? Concerned about a family history of cognitive decline, or hoping to sharpen your memory and processing skills in time for finals?

In this 1-hour workshop, our functional nutrition registered dietitian will review the most evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle approaches that address the root causes of cognitive decline in various forms.

This workshop will provide:

  • Lecture content reviewing current literature and evidence-based practices for improving brain health
  • Printed comprehensive list of foods to include and foods to avoid
  • Printed grocery list with sample recipes
  • Printed product and nutritional supplement recommendations
  • A “brain food” based snack to sample
  • Recommended resources for further learning and application

Join us just in time to be your best for finals, the holiday season and to start the new year off right!

Space is limited. Register via our website https://case.edu/onetoone/next-level-fitness-studio/workshopsevents