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“The Fearless Female and the Freedom to be Happy”

Are you living a fearless life? Are your days filled with strong moments that allow you to feel confident, fulfilled and free to be happy? Are you embracing the very best of what you have to offer? Today, more than ever, young women have the opportunity to create, lead and connect. Often, though, women are encouraged to focus on looking for happiness and success in the wrong places.

To address those questions for students, Erin Foley will be on campus to give a talk titled “The Fearless Female and the Freedom to be Happy” Wednesday, Nov. 16, at 12:30 p.m. in Tinkham Veale University Center, ballroom C.

In this leadership and motivational keynote, Foley challenges young women to look closely at the cultural beliefs surrounding femininity. She explores how these beliefs translate into daily practices and habits that often hold women back.

Foley also will provide motivating and practical tips for how to rewrite those beliefs and daily practices to serve women’s strengths, build their confidence and cultivate a real sense of happiness.

Students can learn how to:

  • clearly identify common cultural beliefs and practices surrounding femininity that are disempowering for women;
  • create daily practices that build confidence and healthy relationships; and
  • begin fostering communities that facilitate confident, connected and empowered women.

Her perspective draws upon research on happiness and success, in combination with her experiences as a gender professor, adviser and student mentor, and her own journey of coming into her strongest self.