Faith Worker Volunteers Needed for Research Study on Prolonged/Complicated Grief in African Americans/Black Individuals

Are you a Faith Worker who works with/has worked with individuals who have lost an adult family member, loved one, or friend who died within the healthcare system (hospital, homecare, hospice, or nursing home) that was Black/African American? You may be eligible for a study of a program that could help researchers gain insight about your experiences. 

You may Qualify if you:

-Are 18 years or older.

-Are of African American/Black descent.

-Presently work with these individuals or have worked with them in the past 5 years.
Participation Involves:

-Participating in an individual or group interview.-Revisiting your experience of working with loss and grief.

Potential Benefits:

-Participating in this study may help to improve complicated grief group therapy for diverse racial and ethnic individuals

Location: Virtually or via Telephone

Participants will be compensated.


Please contact Siobhan Aaron at 216-368-5748 or email