Faculty: UCITE to host session on increasing student satisfaction with your course

Faculty members spend a great deal of time preparing and delivering courses. However, understanding student satisfaction with courses can sometimes be difficult.

Their satisfaction is not, as is sometimes thought, achieved by making the course easy to obtain good grades or by the instructor being entertaining. Most students value their time, and a course in which they do not learn anything is often despised, even if they earn good grades. In addition, they are well aware that their education is not cheap and they seek value for it in terms of learning material that is interesting and will be useful to them.

At the next UCITE session, practical steps to enable the key elements that lead to student satisfaction will be examined: course content that they find interesting, challenging and useful; good faculty-student and student-student interactions; and frequent and diagnostic feedback on their learning.

Join the discussion on Thursday, Jan. 17, from noon to 1 p.m. in the Herrick Room, located on the ground floor of the Allen Memorial Medical Library building.

Pizza and sodas will be provided at this session. RSVP to ucite@case.edu.