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Faculty, students with Solar Durability and Lifetime Extension Research Center place at 2020 Photovoltaic Reliability Workshop

Faculty and students associated with the Solar Durability and Lifetime Extension (SDLE) Research Center at Case Western Reserve University received four poster awards for their presentations at the 2020 Photovoltaic Reliability Workshop. The U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Lab held the workshop.

Faculty members Jennifer L. Braid and Roger H. French, along with students Raymond Wieser and Sameera Venkat, traveled to Colorado for the three-day conference in February 2020. In total, 124 total posters were presented. 

Presenters from CWRU and honors in their session were:

  • First place: Alan Curran, Menghong Wang, Eric Schneller, Michael Martin, Dylan Colvin, Nafis Iqbal, Jianfang Dai, Jean-Nicholas Jaubert, Laura Bruckman, Brian Huey, Kristopher Davis, Jennifer Braid and Roger H. French—“Impact of Module Packaging Materials on Reliability and Power Degradation Mechanisms of Mono- and Multi-crystalline, Mono- and Bi-facial PERC Modules, (2020)”
  • First place: Jennifer L. Braid, Joshua S. Stein, Benjamin G. Pierce, Nicholas A. Parrilla, Ahmad Maroof Karimi and Roger H. French—“Quantifying Cell Fractures in Si PV Modules, (2020)”
  • Second place: Raymond J. Wieser, Stephanie L. Moffitt, Ruben Zabalza, Xiaohong Gu, Colleen O’Brien, Liang Ji, Adam W. Hauser, Greg S. O’Brien, Roger H. French, Michael D. Kempe, Jared Tracy, Kausik R. Choudhury, William J. Gambogi, Laura S. Bruckman, Kenneth P. Boyce and Raymond Wieser—“Design of a Statistically-Informed Field Survey Protocol for Backsheet Degradation Studies of Commercial PV Power Plants, (2020)”
  • First place: Sameera Nalin Venkat, Jiqi Liu, Nick S. Bosco, Jianfang Dai, William J. Gambogi, Brent Brownell, Yuan Gu, Jennifer Carter, Laura S. Bruckman, Jean-Nicolas Jaubert, Jennifer L. Braid, Roger H. French and Sameera Nalin Venkat—“Towards 50 Year Module Lifetimes: Impact of Module Architecture and Packaging Materials, (2020)”