Faculty and staff complete 12-week Keep America Active program, win prizes

The main goals of the Wellness Program’s recently completed Keep America Active campaign were improved fitness and overall health. This year, 458 faculty and staff members virtually traveled across the United States by logging daily exercise. The group averaged 26.1 minutes—or 4,626 steps—per day during the program, which ended Sunday, April 15. By the end of the program, the number of people exercising four to seven days per week had increased.

In addition to exercise, participants were asked to avoid sugar-sweetened beverages and to achieve seven to nine hours of sleep each night.

In addition to earning the Physical Activity Wellness Program Participation Incentive, 25 randomly drawn finishers won prizes.

The top three teams—the SOMebodies, ARC Fit Crew and the Conquering Cuties—won a free lunch together on campus.

The Wellness Program plans to offer another 12-week exercise incentive program next winter and offers a variety of physical activity programs throughout the year.