Faculty: Share your knowledge as media experts during Republican National Convention

If you are a member of Case Western Reserve’s faculty who likes to talk, please read this story.

The summer’s Republican National Convention will draw 2,470 delegates and 2,302 alternate delegates to Northeast Ohio—and who knows how many potential presidential nominees.

With early races in Iowa and New Hampshire now over, the GOP field has shrunk by three. Chris Christie, Carly Fiorina and James Gilmore all bowed out last week, leaving six candidates still vying for the Republican nomination.

(The Democrats, who gather in Philadelphia after Cleveland’s convention, are down to two presidential candidates, which is unlikely to change in the near future).

But while it’s too early to tell which GOP candidates still will be in the race come the convention, plenty else is certain. Roughly 50,000 people will come to Greater Cleveland the week of July 18—and at least 15,000 of them will be media from around the world.

In an era of 24/7 coverage on television and online, those journalists will be eager for expert perspective. Much of their focus will be on the speeches and proceedings inside Quicken Loans Arena, but reporters also may seek local insights about key campaign issues, Cleveland’s progress and the convention’s impact on the community.

If topics drawing electoral attention now are any indication, the summer’s stories could touch on anything from the economy and immigration policy to health care and the federal budget. Other prominent subjects in national conversations include race relations, policing, terrorism, national security and income distribution. With more than five months until the convention, though, many other concerns could overtake current ones.

If you are willing to be interviewed during the convention, please fill out this online form so we can provide your information to media covering the convention.

(For those who would prefer to copy and paste the link to the submission form, it is case.edu/umc/faculty-expert/.)

Please watch the daily for additional updates regarding campus planning related to the convention, and other opportunities for the entire community.