Executive director of think[box] to discuss 3-D printing at this week’s Public Affairs Discussion Group

Malcolm.Cooke_The weekly Public Affairs Discussion Group will continue Friday, Oct. 11, with a talk titled, “3-D Printing, or Additive Manufacturing: What Is It, and What Could It Do?”

Malcolm Cooke, associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering and executive director of think[ box ], will lead the discussion, which will take place from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. in the Spartan Room, located on the third floor of Thwing Center. This is a special location for the weekly discussion group.

The Economist defines 3-D printing as “the ability to construct solid objects by building them up, a layer at a time, in plastic or metal.” So articles can be made with many fewer moving parts, and machines re-tooled to make different products just by reprogramming them. Some have even argued it would reverse the trends favoring manufacturing in China, but the effects will depend on what the technology can do and how businesses are organized to use it.

Cooke will help to further explain the process of 3-D printing and explain what it could change.

Since 1989, faculty, emeriti, students and staff have gathered on Fridays for a brown-bag lunch and to discuss topics in public affairs.

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