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Faculty researchers receive two National Science Foundation awards

Case Western Reserve University researchers recently received two National Science Foundation awards.

Burcu Gurkan, assistant professor of chemical engineering, is the principal investigator on a grant related to work on energy storage titled  “Understanding Ion Solvation Structure and Transport in Multicomponent Ionic Liquids.” The grant is for $517,000 over four years.

Burcu Gurkan also is the principal investigator on a second grant along with collaborators Umut Gurkan, the Warren E. Rupp Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (co-principal investigator); Giuseppe Strangi, professor of physics and the Ohio Research Scholar in Surfaces of Advanced Materials (co-principal investigator); and Michael Hinczewski, assistant professor of physics (co-principal investigator).

The second grant is for work titled “Instrument Development: Multiplex Sensory Interfaces Between Photonic Nanostructures and Thin Film Ionic Liquids.” The researchers received a grant for $450,000 for three years.