Employees showcase leading CWRU initiatives at Gigabit Breakfast Club event

Faculty and staff members at Case Western Reserve last week spoke in front of an audience of nearly 350 people at Severance Hall as part of the Gigabit Breakfast Club. The event combined 10-minute talks with live demonstrations to showcase “Ideas That Inspire—Initiatives That Matter.” This included information on surgical theater, the Case Connection Zone and a student experience demo.

Employees who presented were Warren Selman, professor of neurological surgery; Andrew Sloan, associate professor of neurological surgery; George E. Kikano, chair of the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health; Elizabeth O’Toole, professor of medicine, bioethics and family medicine; Peter J. Whitehouse, professor of neurology; Marv Schwarz, chief scientist of Case Connection Zone; Iwan Alexander, chair of the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering; Ben Smith, lead technical engineer for Case Connection Zone; and Lev Gonick, vice president for Information Technology Services and chief information officer.

Other institutions and companies represented included Gig.U, Cleveland Clinic, US Ignite and Mozilla Foundation, among others.

The entire event, which was co-sponsored by Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Foundation, can be viewed on YouTube.