Economics department offers May abroad courses in Israel

The Economics Department has added two new Spring May Abroad 2018 courses in Israel! Courses are one-week each (back-to-back) in mid-May, with several pre-departure meetings during Spring semester. Both count towards the economics major or minor.

ECON 350: Regional and Urban Economics: The Case of Israel studies the economic impact of immigration, environmentalism, socialism, religion, violence and peace in Israel. This is an amazing and unique opportunity to learn about the economics of a vital region. Visits the beaches of Tel Aviv, the Syrian border, the first Kibbutz, Palestinian territories in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and more. Optional activities include surfing, sand-surfing, and rappelling. Pre-req: Econ 102 or Econ 103.

ECON 351: Startup Nation examines entrepreneurship in Israel. Israel has more VC funds per capita than anywhere else in the world. Experience Israel’s raging start-up economy firsthand. Visit some of the country’s hottest high-tech companies. Meet face-to-face with top entrepreneurs and investors, including directors of leading accelerators; top angel investors; leaders of corporate innovation; and representatives of governmental entrepreneurship agencies. We will learn about the innovative funding models and public-private partnerships that fuel startups in biotech, water, energy, and cyber security.
Pre-req: Econ 102.

Contact Prof. Dan Shoag (dxs788), Prof. Scott Shane (sad46), or Prof. Jenny Hawkins (jrh175) for more information.