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Duo enrollment for HCM and FIN to be implemented Feb. 5; opt in now

The Information Security Office is expanding the use of Duo Security two-factor authentication for Case Western Reserve University users from VPN, where it has already been in use, to the HCM and FIN applications for increased protection and security.

Opting in

Now through this Sunday, Feb. 4, users should opt in to use Duo by registering at the self-service enrolling site at

Today is the last school/business day before Single Sign-On log-ins for HCM and FIN will officially require Duo Security.

Un-enrolled users will be prompted to enroll in Duo when attempting to log in to HCM or FIN on next Monday, Feb. 5.

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication offers an additional security measure to verify your identity in addition to your network ID and password/phrase. Duo Security provides a unique code generated by the Duo Mobile app on your smartphone as the “second factor” (other code-receiving methods are also available, including landline phone, tablet or laptop).

Contact the [U]Tech Service Desk with any questions at 216.368.HELP or To learn more about Duo Security, visit