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Dual Delivery Summer Camp sessions

University Technology ([U]Tech), Teaching and Learning Technologies and University Center for Innovation in Teaching and Education (UCITE) are offering Dual Delivery Summer Camp to help faculty prepare to teach this fall. Case Western Reserve University “counselors” and “campers” meet every Monday and Thursday at 2:30 p.m. EST. The program will continue through July 9.

This week, the program will cover topics to ensure every student is able to participate, on their own time, and can successfully complete courses. The courses will be:

  • Monday, June 15—“Innovate Student Learning with Asynchronous Activities”
  • Thursday, June 18—“Designing for Inclusion

The program has already covered:

  • Backward design and course learning objectives
  • Sequencing content and writing module learning objectives
  • Assessment strategy
  • Maximizing student and faculty time with synchronous and asynchronous learning activities

Those who have missed any of the previous workshops can find the recordings and materials and assignments in Canvas.

Not sure if the summer camp is for you? Here is some feedback from campers so far: 

  • “I really did get a lot of insight into how students approach a course, a syllabus and a course website through this experience.”
  • “Enjoyed today’s session. The sessions delineated in the syllabus address what I need—in fact, I’m not sure what I need or what my questions are, so it’s all good. I do, however, expect an end-of-camp show by the counsellors—it is a summer camp tradition.”

This camp was designed to allow campers to join in, pick back up and review topics at their convenience. Though not everyone will be able to participate in each workshop, those who are interested are encouraged to sign up so they have access to the Canvas site

View the syllabus. 

Read the FAQs.