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Do you know that CWRU has an integrity hotline? Learn more about this resource

Case Western Reserve University is committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct. If you know of—or suspect—that an activity taking place at the university is not in compliance with laws, regulations, or university policy, you should report it immediately.

Several options exist for reporting your concerns, including going to your immediate supervisor, calling the university compliance officer at 216.368.5791, or calling the CWRU integrity hotline at 1.866.483.9367. The hotline provides an anonymous way to communicate concerns of non-compliance. All integrity hotline calls are answered by a neutral third-party vendor. Employees who, in good faith, report unlawful activity are protected from retaliation by Ohio’s “Whistle Blower” law and university policy.

When a report is made to the hotline, a team of university leaders immediately “triages” the report so it can be investigated—or otherwise resolved—as soon as possible. The original reporter can call back to find out whether the matter is ongoing or resolved. Anonymous reporters are encouraged to check back in to see if any questions have been posed by the triage team to assist in the investigation. However, due to the sensitive nature of most of the reports, the reporter doesn’t normally receive notification of the specific result of the investigation.