Do you have a child that is between 9 and 17 years old?

Dr. Michael Decker and Dr. Elizabeth Damato at CWRU, and Deanne Wilson-Costello at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital are looking for families to participate in a study on brain development. The study involves one 3-hour visit to the CWRU/University Hospitals campus where a research team will measure brain activity. First, children will lie quietly for about 30 minutes in the MRI scanner while playing a visual task-response game. After the MRI scan, brain activity will again be measured with EEG. This involves having the child wear a stretchy cap while playing the visual task response game and completing a pegboard puzzle. Parents will complete questionnaires about the child’s health history, behavior, and sleep. Both parents and children will be compensated for their time. The investigators are especially seeking children who were born prematurely (gestation 22-30 weeks) and also children who were born full-term (gestation 38-41 weeks). Children with epilepsy, autism, medical implants, dental braces, or those who have been treated for concussion are not eligible. Please call 216-368-2597 for more information.