No matter the time of year, those who choose to drink alcohol should take precautions to ensure their safety. And during the holiday season, there may be even more opportunities to imbibe. 

With that in mind, the Division of Public Safety at Case Western Reserve University would like members of the community to consider the following:

  • The legal age to consume alcohol in Ohio is 21.
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol can weaken your awareness of your surroundings—potentially putting you at risk. Always use caution when drinking alcohol.
  • Students are encouraged to stay with friends and help each other steer clear of trouble by recognizing their limits and taking actions to help them stay safe.
  • The university has a medical amnesty policy that includes alcohol. Those who call for help for an intoxicated friend (from CWRU police, CWRU EMS or another campus resource) will not face disciplinary action. The assisted individual also will not face judicial consequences. The division wants people to get the help they need to protect their health rather than make arrests or issue citations.
  • Don’t drink and drive—you put your safety and the safety of others at risk. If you are in a group, use a designated driver.

Learn more about safety at CWRU.