Scholar to give talk on LGBTQI clinical identity at Conversations in Bioethics event

As part of the Conversations in Bioethics series, Lance Wahlert, assistant professor of Medical Ethics and Health Policy at University of Pennsylvania, will present “Clinical Citizenship | Clinical Erasure: Historical and Contemporary Reflections on LGBTQI Persons in Medicine and Bioethics.”

This talk will address the problematic relationship between queerness and clinical identity. Wahlert will consider the medical invention of the category of the homosexual in relation to homosexuality’s moment of deliverance from medicine in 1973, when it was removed as a category of mental aberration in The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. He also will discuss the forcible, “painful return” of LGBTQI persons to the medical sphere with the rise of HIV/AIDS in the 1980. The talk will, ultimately, challenge the LGBTQI medical past and aim to inspire 21st century forms of LGBTQI-invested bioethical discourse.

This event, sponsored by the Kaiser Permanente Endowed Lectureship in Bioethics, the Department of Bioethics, the Flora Stone Mather Center for Women and the LGBT Center, will take place Tuesday, Nov. 12, from 3:30 to 5 p.m. in Thwing Center’s Spartan Room. Four hours of Continuing Research Education Credit will be offered.

Space is limited; RSVP is requested by noon on Friday, Nov. 8, to or 216.368.0632.