Discover your strengths with opportunities available through the Office of Student Activities & Leadership

StrengthsQuest, an initiative out of the Office of Student Activities & Leadership, is an opportunity for students to learn their talents and strengths potential through an online assessment.

Students beginning their StrengthsQuest journey start with a 30-minute assessment, the Clifton StrengthsFinder. After taking the assessment, students have numerous opportunities to engage in learning more about their unique strengths. They can attend a Strengths 101 workshop to discover how to interpret their assessments. After attending a 101 session, students are encouraged to attend an advanced session, schedule a one-on-one Strengths Conversation or request a specific Strengths Workshop for their organization or group.

Visit the Office of Student Activities & Leadership CampusGroups page to register for a session.

Students who sign up for a session will receive a code to take the assessment.