Disability Resources’ Lisa Meeks discusses higher ed to employment transition at autism conference

Disability Resources Assistant Director Lisa Meeks, along with fASDforward.com’s Kurt Jensen, presented at the Milestones 10th Annual Autism/Asperger’s Conference June 19.

During their talk, they focused on the transition from higher education to employment for individuals on the autism spectrum. Meeks spoke about two national programs, Workforce Recruitment and Entrypoint, that are coming to Case Western Reserve University this fall. Both programs specifically recruit students with disabilities, including those with ASD.

According to the latest CDC numbers, 1 in 88 people are on the autism spectrum, and many individuals with ASD are unemployed after graduating from college. This fall, Disability Resources will partner with counseling services, career services and national programs in an effort to increase employment opportunities for Case Western Reserve students on the autism spectrum.