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Director of Entrepreneurship Michael Goldberg talks about the state of the economy amid rising unemployment and concerns for the future

Ohio’s unemployment could go up to 20%, compared to 10% during Great Recession, Lt. Gov. Husted says

WEWS: Michael Goldberg, executive director of the Veale Institute for Entrepreneurship and an associate professor of entrepreneurship at the Weatherhead School of Management, spoke about the state of the economy: “I think nothing has really prepared us for the magnitude and speed of job loss and dislocation … [it’s] jarring, and where we’re going, no one knows,” he said, and offered comments about how out of challenging times come new ideas and new companies, even as other jobs are lost: “This may be this period when folks aren’t working,” he said, “but I think the question for all of us is what can we be doing during this time frame to kind of prepare ourselves, cause I think we will come out of this, this is gonna pass and how do we get back into creating new companies and dust off our resumes and our skill base so that we can be ready to join the workforce once again.”