Digital accessibility training course available to faculty from the College of Arts and Sciences and the Mandel School

One of Case Western Reserve University’s core values is inclusiveness and diversity, which includes providing accessible digital content. The Digital Accessibility High-Impact Course is designed to provide teaching faculty with training and resources for improving the accessibility of courses they’re teaching. 

Offered by [U]Tech’s Department of Teaching and Learning Technologies, this course is currently available to faculty members of the College of Arts and Sciences and the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences. 

This interactive course provides 10 hours of skills, knowledge and resources to create accessible digital content for your students. The 30-minute live training sessions are hosted/recorded weekly. Recordings and weekly assignments are required to earn the module badge. Participants must earn all 10 module badges before being used as evidence of professional development.

Faculty members who participate will receive a $1,500 stipend for job-related expenses, a dedicated student employee to remediate their digital course content for them, and a certificate eligible for inclusion in their performance evaluations. 

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