Photo of hand putting bottle in recycling bin

Did You Know: Recycling

On the Case Western Reserve University campus, the community can make sustainable choices every day, right down to where they dispose of waste. Across campus, there are several recycling bins that allow individuals to separate materials.

The Office for Sustainability offers a guide to what can—and can’t—go into recycling receptacles on campus. Check out to see what you should toss in the bins.

Each spring, the university community also participates in RecycleMania, pitting CWRU against other institutions in the United States in Canada in several categories.

But how does our campus do with recycling year round? According to the Office for Sustainability, in fiscal year 2017:

  • 667 tons of materials were recycled
  • 22.4 percent of total materials were recycled instead of going to the landfill
  • 50 percent of recycled materials were paper, while 25 percent were corrugated cardboard and 25 percent were plastic, metal and glass.
For more information about recycling at CWRU, visit